Web Design

Concept/PSD design, UI design, & wireframing. I specialize, and work primarily, in front-end design and development. The bulk of my work is the direction and design of sites based upon client requests and needs. This includes working with clients to plan a sitemap, building visual representations of UI elements and functionality, developing concept PSDs, and generally defining the overall appearance for a site prior to production.


Front-end, back-end, & support. Although the bulk of my experience is with front-end web design and development, I have a background that spans the full stack. As a back-end developer, I have experience with Ruby, Rails, PHP, WordPress, Drupal, and several other frameworks and content management systems. In addition, I have some experience working with SQL databases and ASP.NET.

Print Design

Books, magazines, catalogs, annual reports, Signage, & packaging. Throughout past work, I have been involved in all aspects of publication design; handling design, direction, printing, editing, and copywriting. My roles have been equally varied and I have completed several projects as both lead creative and project manager. I have also collaborated as part of a team to manage and integrate content from teams featuring copywriters, photographers, and illustrators.

Identity Design

Logos, letterheads, business cards, corporate identity systems, branding style guides. I have an extensive background in branding development for both companies (covering a range from small businesses to large corporations).

Web Admin / IT

Hosting management, domain + database administration, SEO, analytics & IT services. My IT background stems from a life-long fascination with computers and technology. I am CompTIA A+ certified and have a decade of experience in building and maintaining computer hardware. I am confident that I can support any needs for individuals or small businesses. In this regard, I have managed servers for multi-platform environments and both Windows and Mac systems for business use.